Tapping Your Full Growth Potential Knowing Your Muscle Fibers | T Nation

T Nation printed an interesting article breaking down the role of what it takes to grow every type of muscle fiber.

If you want to pack on muscle as fast as possible, build up those Type I fibers everyone else has told you to ignore.

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Your Mitochondria are Keeping you Ripped so Grow them

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The mitochondria use oxygen to burn fat and glucose (sugar) and convert it into ATP (energy) for the muscles.  If your mitochondria are dormant, which they can be if your not working out, they stop burning fat and sugar and your become insulin resistant.  That’s not a good thing.

In order to stay lean keep lifting weights regularly and doing cardio regularly to keep those mitochondria growing and burning fat and sugar, keeping you lean.

Nobody talks about the Mitochondria, they truly are the powerhouse of the cell.  Check out suggested supplements for mitochondria on under our catagories menu to the right on the page.

The Total Package: A Full Body Strength & Hypertrophy Workout

Hypertrophy, known as Muscle growth, is key to growing more mitochondria.  Remember Mitochondria burn fat and sugar to create energy, ATP, for the body. The more muscle you have the more mitochondria you have.  The more mitochondria you have the more fat burning your body does.

Here’s a workout to build those muscles and grow those mitochondria.  Don’t forget to walk twenty to thirty minutes after your workout while drinking your protein recovery shake.


Source: The Total Package: A Full Body Strength & Hypertrophy Workout

Ketogenic Diets Linked to More Mitochondria


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There is a link between our diet and growing, maintaining mitochondria according to an article written by Dr. Gabriela Segura entitled Ketogenic diet – a connection between mitochondria and diet  .

Dr. Gabriela Segura points out that fat is a much better energy source than carbohydrates, thus better fueling the mitochondria.  Remember Mitochondria burn fat and sugar to create energy in the form of ATP.

In conclusion the good doctor points out that “mitochondria are primarily designed to use fat for energy“.  Thus a Ketogenic diet is more effective in producing mitochondria and revving up the metabolism.

The more mitochondria the greater the energy, the greater the workout and the greater the fat burn.

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HIIT Training Increases Mitochondrial Capacity


An article in Science Daily found that “high-intensity interval training yielded the biggest benefits at the cellular level.  The younger volunteers in the interval training group saw a 49% increase in mitochondrial capacity, and the older volunteers saw an even more dramatic 69% increase”

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Try incorporating High Intensity Interval Training in your workouts.