The Total Package: A Full Body Strength & Hypertrophy Workout

Hypertrophy, known as Muscle growth, is key to growing more mitochondria.  Remember Mitochondria burn fat and sugar to create energy, ATP, for the body. The more muscle you have the more mitochondria you have.  The more mitochondria you have the more fat burning your body does.

Here’s a workout to build those muscles and grow those mitochondria.  Don’t forget to walk twenty to thirty minutes after your workout while drinking your protein recovery shake.


Source: The Total Package: A Full Body Strength & Hypertrophy Workout


For Mitochondrial Density, Strength Training Must be Supplemented With Cardio


The US National Library of medicine National Institutes of health published a medical article “The effect of Strength Training on estimates of mitochondrial density and distribution throughout muscle fibers.”

The article concluded that “muscle hypertrophy associated with strength training results in reduced density of regionally distributed mitochondria”

This does not mean mitochondria are not produced from strength training, but it does mean that the density of the mitochondria is not as dense as those produced by cardio.

The healthier the mitochondria, or more dense in this case, the better fat and sugar burn during your workout.  As a result  of increased fat and sugar burn the more ATP energy will be produced to fuel your workout.

Moral  of the story, don’t skip the cardio, whether it’s steady state cardio or high intensity.

Make Those Mitochondria Burn Fat


Do your cardio after you Lift Weights here’s why

After you lift weights your glycogen stores (muscles stored sugar) are depleted.  As a result your mitochondria is forced to us fat as an energy source since you burned up the sugar.

If you’ve ever read any muscle magazines many of the bodybuilders employ this technique in order to maintain low body fat.

Make sure you stay hydrated and I don’t recommend doing more than thirty minutes of cardio.

Mitochondria 48 Hour Window

If you don’t walk or workout for 48 hours your insulin sensitivity begins to decline making it difficult to lose weight.  Aim to workout every other day to keep those mitochondria awake and sensitive to burning sugar and fat.