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Source: Nucleus: Mitochondria & Metabolism: Cell Press


Nitric Oxide Involved in Mitochondrial Growth


The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health published an article “Regulation of mitochondrial biogenesis”.  Biogenesis means the growth of Mitochondria, something we all want if we’re trying to make muscle gains and burn fat.

The article stated that “NO has been shown to be involved in mitochondrial biogenesis.” In laymen terms Nitric Oxide helps in the growth of mitochondria which means more energy for workouts (ATP) and in turn more muscle gain and fat burn.

For Mitochondrial Density, Strength Training Must be Supplemented With Cardio


The US National Library of medicine National Institutes of health published a medical article “The effect of Strength Training on estimates of mitochondrial density and distribution throughout muscle fibers.”

The article concluded that “muscle hypertrophy associated with strength training results in reduced density of regionally distributed mitochondria”

This does not mean mitochondria are not produced from strength training, but it does mean that the density of the mitochondria is not as dense as those produced by cardio.

The healthier the mitochondria, or more dense in this case, the better fat and sugar burn during your workout.  As a result  of increased fat and sugar burn the more ATP energy will be produced to fuel your workout.

Moral  of the story, don’t skip the cardio, whether it’s steady state cardio or high intensity.

Growing New Mitochandria


According to Life Extension Magazine , “the only natural ways to stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis were calorie restriction or exhaustive physical activity.” 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term mitochondrial biogenesis, it means the generation of new mitochondria.

If your a walker 30 to 45 minutes a day of walking will do.  If you’re into more intense cardio like HIIT or circuit training, that will work as well.

In addition there are supplements that can help improve the generation of mitochondria.  They are mentioned in my previous post 3 Ways to Enhance Your Mitochondria.